Favad Mobahriz

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Favad Mobahriz

Background: I have completed my bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Hull in the summer of 2019. My final project included the design and feasibility study of a batch reactor used to form 20,000 tonnes of Erucamide; a slip agent. I have completed a placement at Northwood Tissue in Disley; here I had to optimise the performance of a brand-new state of the art screening device. I became familiar with the tasks and responsibilities of a process engineer.  

Research Interests: I am interested in helping the United Kingdom work towards a carbon neutral future. I will do so by looking into how the intermittent electricity from offshore wind farms can be stored as chemical energy products. More specifically, I am interested in how we can utilise hydrogen as a storage method for offshore wind, this is a major challenge for the offshore wind industry and will allow for an easier integration with the national grid.  

Why you applied for the Aura CDT: I applied to the Aura CDT because my skillset as a chemical engineer will allow me to make a positive contribution to society, this will ultimately help us battle against climate change. I felt applying for a PhD would be challenging; yet it seems like a rewarding experience and a journey I am willing to make.   Information on Favad’s research project may be found here.  

Twitter: @favadmobahriz

Linkedin: favadmobahriz  

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