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Jason Harrison

Background: I started my career as an electrician in the Royal Engineers, where I was primarily employed as a maintenance engineer, maintaining and repairing electrical systems. Following over 6 years in this role I decided to pursue a BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering, where I took a keen interest in the renewables energy sector. My final year dissertation involved thermoelectric technologies for buildings applications, with the aim of helping reduce the impact on the environment from the buildings industry, I produced an extensive technology review, designed a new method of integration into buildings, I then created a performance prediction model for this new integration method.

Research Interests: During my studies on the BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering at The University of Hull one of the subject areas I have taken a particular interest in is Optoelectronics, this is why I was drawn to apply for the project titled Fibre Optic Sensors for Cable Lifetime Performance Monitoring, working with the ORE Catapult, as it would provide me the opportunity to start making contributions to the renewables energy sector, working with a technology in which I have a keen interest in.

Why you applied for the Aura CDT: My career goal is to make significant contributions to the technology used in renewables energy industry, this is why the Aura CDT seemed like the perfect place to start, where I can gain knowledge and experience in a key sector of renewable, in the offshore renewables wind energy, as well as conducting meaningful research and hopefully making my first contribution of many in the future.

PhD Research: I have secured a joint Aura CDT / ORE Catapult scholarship to research ‘Fibre optic sensors for cable lifetime performance monitoring‘.  

Contact: J.A.Harrison-2016@hull.ac.uk

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/jason-harrison-44b538197

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