Unintended consequences of Offshore Wind farms: a socio-economic impact evaluation on wellbeing and community dynamics

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Project Description:

This Research Project is part of the Aura CDT’s Energy Economics Cluster.

Offshore wind farms represent a crucial component of the transition towards clean energy. However, their establishment may lead to unintended consequences that impact well-being and community dynamics. For instance, the construction and operation of offshore wind farms can have temporary and long-term impacts on local communities. Noise, dust, and increased traffic during construction can lead to disruptions and reduced quality of life for residents. On the other hand, the long-term presence of wind farms can also alter the cultural and social fabric of coastal communities. Coastal communities often have strong cultural ties to the sea and the land. The introduction of offshore wind farms can disrupt this cultural identity, as the landscape changes and traditional activities are affected. This can lead to a sense of loss and detachment among community members.

Suitable candidates

Prospect candidates should have or expect to achieve before starting their PhD, a MSc. degree in economics, energy economics, environmental science or related fields. Strong analytical, quantitative and interdisciplinary collaboration skills are essential.

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