Research Themes

Aura Centre for Doctoral Training

Fully-funded PhD scholarships
in offshore wind energy and the environment.

Develop a sustainable future, work with industry,
drive innovation.

The Aura CDT will undertake both blue-sky and applied research at the critical interface between engineering and environmental sciences, providing research development and innovation solutions for the offshore wind industry.

The areas for research include:

Big marine data and metocean

Biological activity; marine & offshore wind personnel traffic; metocean forecasting; seafloor mapping; smart seabed sensor networks.

Environmental interactions, seabed dynamics and benthic habitat

Acoustic impact on marine life; cable risks; extreme events; monopile decommissioning; natural hazards; seafloor structure.

Logistics, safety, risk and human factors

Workload analysis in operations & maintenance and construction; remote safety training for technicians; control and mitigation of fatigue under shift systems; comparison of logistics for fixed vs floating OSW.

Low carbon transitions and community benefits

Offshore wind and smart grid development; societal impact of offshore wind; economics of offshore wind developments; aquaculture in windfarm zones.

Next generation materials and manufacturing

Assistive assembly and manufacture; blade design and manufacture; bulk additive component production; reconfigurable manufacturing; self-healing surface coatings.

Operations and remote autonomous monitoring

Blade structural health; floating turbines control; hydrophone systems for marine mammals; internal turbine inspection; position monitoring with GNSS.

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