Aura of Offshore Wind

Aura of Offshore Wind

Welcome to Aura of Offshore Wind!


A group of passionate PhD students supported by Aura CDT have developed this game, taking inspiration from the Climate Fresk workshop.

At Aura CDT we have a wide range of expertise in the offshore wind industry, from design and construction of the wind farms through to climate change and environmental challenges.

The aim of the game is to inform the players about the life stages of an offshore wind farm, raise and discuss different challenges hidden behind these stages and present potential solutions to tackle these challenges.

The game is played using a deck of cards split into 3 sets: wind farm life stages; challenges; and potential solutions.

The players receive 1 set at a time and link the cards with other cards from the same or the previous set. Discussion and collaboration between players are encouraged during each round to exchange ideas and benefit from each other’s perspective.


Aura CDT PhD students sit round a table with conference attendees, explaining how to play a card game that is set up on the table

Aura CDT PhD Students sit with participants around a table with a card game set out on the table

If you are interested in more information on some of the challenges and solutions, please explore the website or contact the relevant person linked in the card description! Many of us are working on different areas, so there is a lot of further information available if you would like to explore it.

Please be aware that this is still a work in progress. We would love your feedback (positive and negative) so please head to the feedback form once you have played to let us know how it went!

We hope you will enjoy your journey in the Aura of Offshore Wind!

See the tabs below for links to further pages showing the cards and their descriptions for Round 1, Round 2 and Round 3.



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