Industry Scholarships

Industry Scholarships

The Aura CDT is the result of long term and extensive collaboration between the academic and key industry partners. We currently have over 20 industry partners, helping to ensure the training and experience provided across the CDT addresses the broad range of challenges that the offshore wind industry faces.

Our Core Scholarships are aligned to industry requirements via the six research themes, which were informed by a series of workshops with industry stakeholders. A wide range of stakeholders representing both large and small companies and non-governmental organisations are involved in delivering training and offering placements, as well as providing industry supervision, ensuring that students are exposed to current offshore wind issues throughout their time at the CDT.

In addition, we offer a number of Industry Scholarships covering PhD projects that have been specifically defined in by industry and partner stakeholders in close consultation with the Aura CDT. Students who undertake these Industry Scholarships will take the PG Dip year with the rest of their Cohort, but will continue in years 2-4 onto PhD research supported by their Industry sponsor.

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