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Adam Brassington

Background: I graduated from the University of Birmingham with an integrated Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering. For my dissertation I worked on developing a novel sustainable air-conditioning system to be implemented into the London Underground to solve the significant overheating issue in the carriages. This project involved designing three novel thermodynamic cycles using liquid air and mathematically modelling these systems using MATLAB to determine which had the best systematic efficiency. Studying at the University of Birmingham gave me the chance to develop programming skills as well as an understanding of renewable powertrain systems which I wish to develop. 


Research Interests: My research interests stem from a desire to create a holistic smart power network that is able to facilitate the utilisation of renewable energy and minimise energy losses. To achieve this goal research for a variety of factors is necessary including improving technology with energy storage methods, optimisation of control systems, and developing emerging technology such as High Voltage Direct Current systems. Developing these systems will be critical for offshore wind energy integration into the wider PowerGrid.


My dissertation allowed me to work with control systems and understand energy storage better, giving me a desire to work with them further.  

Why you applied for the Aura CDT: Studying Mechanical Engineering highlighted the significance that widespread usage of fossil fuels has on the global environment and the importance of finding an alternative solution to our growing global energy requirements. As the UK heads towards becoming one of the largest Offshore Wind energy contributors globally the Aura CDT offers an excellent opportunity to be on the forefront of innovation. Due to its essential multidisciplinary approach and widespread industrial links the Aura CDT offers an excellent basis for a future in the career of Offshore Wind Energy. 


My research: I am researching Ultrasonic guided waves blade monitoring.



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