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Cohort 3 Student

Callum Rothon

Background: I studied an MEng in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Hull, with particular interests in Materials Science and Mechanism design. My 3rd and 4th year projects were both design projects with medical applications. I have worked in multiple marine environments, including taking part in works for the Port of London Authority, and at the London Gateway Port, where I saw the challenges of marine engineering. I am skilled in SolidWorks CAD software, as well as having experience with MATLAB and ANSYS.

Research Interests: I am interested in developing materials and Manufacturing methods which will meet the requirements for longevity and performance in an offshore environment, while reducing the ecological footprint of offshore wind energy. In my Masters stage I compiled a report on the feasibility and sustainability of renewable energy, as I believe it is crucial that the full impacts of a system are considered to achieve the least impact in the environment, from manufacturing through to disposal.

Why I applied to the Aura CDT: I wish to be a part of the renewable energy industry, as I believe it is the future of meeting the UK’s energy demands, and is a field ripe for innovation. The Aura CDT is located in a prime area of development and investment for offshore wind, and offers a chance to enact change in a critical area of development.

My research: Wind Turbine Blade Inspection, using Machine Learning for Diagnosis of Structural Faults


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