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Cohort 3 Student

Dax Blackhorse-Hull

Background: I completed my Electrical and Electronic Engineering Undergraduate at the University of Hull in the June of 2021. During this time, I engaged in multiple embedded systems projects which focussed on applications such as data logging and mechanical system control. In my dissertation I utilised supervised machine learning algorithms, on EEG datasets, to differentiate between imagined and physical hand movement. Over the summer of 2021, I interned at the University of Hull, where I worked in the development of sensor systems to validate models of wound dressings for a Smith + Nephew project.

Research Interests: My current academic work has been in developing performance analysis sensor systems, for biological applications, which readily translates into sensor design for wind turbine systems. I am also eager to explore how machine learning techniques can be integrated into control or analysis systems to improve a model’s operation and performance. 

Why you applied for the Aura CDT: I applied to Aura because it offered the opportunity to study the challenges facing an economically and socially significant industry. Initially from a multidisciplinary perspective to provide a holistic view of the industry, and then a more refined perspective through a research project.  I felt this study approach would give me the greatest opportunity to explore and understand the green industry before tackling one of its complex issues.

My research:

My project, Integration of wave and offshore wind energies, explores the potential of high gain, DC-DC converters as part of an integration system to facilitate the connection of wave energy converters into offshore wind farms. This type of hybrid renewable generation will reduce the intermittency of offshore renewable farms and our dependence on fossil fuel stopgaps.

Contact: Dax.Blackhorse-Hull-2017@hull.ac.uk 

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