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Frances Longbottom


I graduated from the University of Hull with a Masters in Chemistry in 2022. My final year research project focused on modifying the crystal structure of inorganic compounds using carbon dioxide. Since graduating I have completed a 10 week internship and a 7 month EPSRC funded feasibility project, both at the University of Hull. These projects focused on modifying the structure of photocatalysts with carbon dioxide for the use of upcycling of plastic waste.

Research Interests:

Throughout my time at university I have developed an interest in the chemistry of materials, particularly the crystal structures of various compounds and how changing their structure can affect the properties of these compounds. I am passionate about sustainability and the environment, which has led me to research on how to chemically recycle waste, with a particular focus on the upcycling of plastics using photocatalysts.

Why you applied for the Aura CDT:

The Aura CDT program offers a unique opportunity to work in a cross-disciplinary environment. Since the first year is a PG Diploma in Offshore Wind Energy and the Environment, this offers a great opportunity to develop professional skills which will be vital in the rest of my PhD and beyond. As well as allowing me to gain an understanding of the offshore wind industry. I am passionate about sustainability which aligns well with Aura CDT’s ethos of making the offshore wind industry more sustainable.

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