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Cohort 4 Student

Geng Chen


I obtained my Bachelors and Master’s Degree in Coastal and Offshore engineering at the Ocean University of China. My Master’s thesis was on sloshing simulation via Computational Fluid Dynamics. My career started at DHI China as a junior engineer, team lead, and offshore wind coordinator. My professional experience covers coastal and offshore hydrodynamic and wave modelling, focusing on offshore wind metocean studies. I polished my programming (mainly in Python and MATLAB) and project management skills in projects in East Asia.

Research Interests:

My research interests are combining the physical-based numerical model with the data-driven model to improve the accuracy and reduce computational costs. Remote Sensing data can also improve numerical model performance via Data Assimilation. The accurate hindcast and forecast of the offshore environment can reduce investment and improve safety in the full life cycle. Probabilistic modelling and statistical analysis of environmental conditions are also my interests, which is a key input to structural reliability assessments and risk analysis.

Why I applied for the Aura CDT:

The Aura CDT programme explores multi-discipline and connects closely to the offshore wind industry. The research themes fit my research interest, and the programme provides an excellent opportunity to explore the field from diverse angles. The facilities of academic and industry partners empower research, and cohort students are a valuable research community. The well-designed PG diplomat structure, including the CDT conference, outreach, and internship opportunities, will build a solid foundation in the offshore wind industry.

My research:

Hybrid modelling of loads and structural response on a floating offshore wind turbine at Durham University

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