Ifunanya Stella Ezeoye

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Cohort 4 Student

Ifunanya Stella Ezeoye

Aura CDT Activities:

I am a Cohort 4 Rep on the Aura CDT Student Committee.

My PhD research:

Evaluating the Performance and Sustainability of Natural Fibre-Based Composites in Wind Turbine Components: A Comparative Study


I obtained a BEng degree in Marine Engineering from South Shields Marine School in collaboration with Northumbria University Newcastle, UK in 2017. My final year project focused on Design and Optimisation of Marine Engine Piston Material. I supplemented my academic education and considerably expanded my expertise of advanced system engineering through a year-long employment in the maritime sector. I have worked in different types of vessels, including seagoing and offshore vessels, where I was exposed to the difficulties faced by marine engineers. In September 2022, I completed an MSC in Energy Engineering at the University of Hull (UoH). My dissertation focused on a design of an Integrated Renewable Energy System to supply energy products to meet the electricity demand of the UoH main campus. Hybrid Optimisation of Multiple Energy Resources (HOMER Pro) software was utilised for the modelling and simulation of renewable energy systems to determine the system design that is technically and economically feasible and capable of meeting the electricity demand.

Research Interests:

I am interested in the research related to offshore wind turbine material design and optimisation. These include Development of new materials that will improve the efficiency of Offshore Wind Turbine at reduced costs; and Research on how material and manufacturing can contribute to the growth in the offshore wind industry.

Why you applied for the Aura CDT:

This programme provides the opportunity to carry out novel research that can enable the offshore wind industry to succeed. The course specific design with close consultation with industry to provide students with skills and knowledge required to work in the renewable sector is an appeal. Also, the one-year post graduate diploma training before the doctoral research is fascinating as this will enable me to develop the skillsets required to do the research.

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