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Isobel Wood


I completed my master’s degree in chemical engineering in 2018 at the University of Hull. My master’s project was the design of a bench scale, staged FB gasification reactor for the exploitation of waste residuals – involving the characterisation of waste wood biomass as a feedstock for gasification into syngas, as well as the design and construction of a small reactor for future study.

Since leaving university I have worked within the rail industry at Alstom as part of their engineering graduate scheme, and latest as an R&D Associate Engineer at Reckitt. During my previous role at Reckitt, I was the technical product lead for devices in my category, as well as the sustainability champion for the team.

Research Interests:

My interests include the conversion of waste biomass materials into higher value products – particularly in a way that can support the current climate crisis, such as carbon capture or alternative energy sources. Also, the understanding of product life cycles and how this impacts our planet. 

Why you applied for the Aura CDT:

Since leaving university, I have wanted to come back to continue my studies. At the Aura CDT it provides a unique opportunity to both continue my learning and development, but also be part of a greater support structure with a group of like-minded people from all different backgrounds – with a goal to create a more sustainable future.

Aura CDT activities:

Isobel is the current Chair of the Aura CDT Student Committee.

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