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Cohort 3 Student

Jenna Zunder

Background: I gained a first-class undergraduate degree in Mathematics from the University of Hull in 2019. Enjoying every aspect of this degree, I left with an ambition for research and an intrigue for more complex mathematics. I have great analytical and mathematical skills, which, combined with my determination to solve and understand complex problems led me to win an award for my final year research project on primordial black holes. This work went on to be a collaborative published peer-reviewed research paper. My MSc studies at the University of York focused on applications of mathematics to physics and biology topics, including a recent project in the collective motion of fish and birds in predator-prey situations. I have also been looking at the dispersion of biased swimming microalgae in channels of fluid for my dissertation. Throughout both degrees, I have used MATLAB to solve different mathematical problems and I also taught myself C++ for my BSc project.

Research Interests: Several research areas surrounding offshore wind farms as a renewable energy source interest me. These include the optimisation of the design, performance, grid integration and maintenance of the turbines and offshore farms. I am also enthusiastic about nature, and I am curious about the impact on the local environment surrounding the farms. I hope to use my mathematical background using fluid dynamics and mathematical modelling to one of these important areas, with a particular focus on the dynamics of wind, waves, and sediments.

Why I applied to the Aura CDT: The prospect of using mathematics to make a positive environmental difference is exciting. Being part of the Aura CDT gives me a chance to help address the global energy problem and be at the forefront of renewable energy research within a multi-disciplinary team. Offshore wind energy is an important and leading sector in sustainable, clean energy and the opportunity to contribute to research and work alongside industrial and academic experts is amazing.




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