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Jian (Miguel) Ye


I completed my undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering at Polytechnic University of Madrid and I made a research in “Study and design of Manual Gearbox” which helped to boost my engineering knowledge. My MSc studies in mechanical engineering at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology was a unique experience because, I worked in “the Design of a Flat Plate Solar Heating System for High Buildings” as research project and It helped me to develop my interest in renewable energy. Alongside my studies, I have two years of working experience as Quality Engineer in the electrical DC motor field, where have given me a tenacious logical thinking and resistance mindset to work under stress.

Research Interests: 

My research interest leans towards “Next generation High Temperature Superconducting Generators for Floating Wind Turbines”. Current generator technologies, have limited efficiency and are generally bulky, which make the nacelle larger and heavier. This is not desirable for next generation of floating wind turbines. I would like to develop high efficiency generators using superconducting materials, which cannot only make nacelle smaller, but the entire tower lighter and more stable.

I hope my research can lead to reduce the cost of offshore wind energy and therefore improve the acceptance of general public of such technology

Why you applied for the Aura CDT:

Aura CDT is a multidisciplinary laboratory with diversity of backgrounds. This environment is perfect to develop long term projects as the offshore wind & environment, where different perspectives are taking in consideration to achieve a complete project. Furthermore, I always have interest in renewable energy, because I think it is topic which make the world a more sustainable place.

To sum up, Aura CDT team combine a team with diversity of perspectives to achieve something that It is necessary to keep producing electricity in our future.

My research:

Next Generation High Temperature Superconducting Generators for Floating Wind Turbines at the University of Sheffield

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For an informal discussion, call +44 (0) 1482 463331
or contact auracdt@hull.ac.uk