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Luke Neal

Background: My background is interdisciplinary, spanning economics, political science, philosophy, history and geography. However, my main interest has emerged in the field of critical ecological economics, which I studied firstly at the University of Manchester, then through a Masters programme hosted by University of Paris XIII with a year at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. In Berlin I worked for a year as a research assistant at the Institute for International Political Economy. My own research so far has focused on government attitude to industrial policy and renewable energy, such as in the proposal for a Green New Deal in the UK. 

Research Interests: I am interested in the political economy of offshore wind, such as questions surrounding the relationship between government policy and the development of the sector; investment, growth and macroeconomics of wind energy; offshore wind energy as the ‘valorisation of nature’; the labour process and workers in the offshore wind industry. 

Why I applied for the Aura CDT: For the opportunity to collaborate between the economics/social science and engineering disciplines. The programme offered the opportunity to be produce empirically informed research on the offshore wind sector and the wider energy transition using a critical political economy perspective.

My research: The effects of government policy on industrial development and employment relations in North Sea offshore wind


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