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Michael Anya


I am a chartered engineer and a project management professional with several years’ experience within the Oil & Gas, Maritime and Offshore Wind Industry.

My first degree was in Mechanical Engineering at University of Sunderland and with my postgraduate degree, I pivoted into Subsea Engineering and Management at Newcastle University.

My current work focuses on the development, testing and installation of array cables and accessories for offshore wind farms as well as Management of technical experts in this domain.

Research Interests:

 I am interested in how technology can aid operational excellence especially around decision making. The execution of an offshore wind project requires a variety of decisions that must be made in order for the project to be successfully. The situations that warrant these decisions could vary from one of a simple nature to a complex profile as such requires certain behavioural disposition from the decision maker. In making decisions, there are several tools and strategies available to help in logical decision making (Ong, et al., 2011). However, in engineering, procurement, construction and installation (EPCI) projects, indications are that actual decision behaviour vary significantly from a rational ideology. I am interested in understanding ‘why’, ‘how’ and to what extent with this variation.

 I also nurse the ambition of exploring how offshore wind decommissioning can be advanced. There appear to be a gap in total / complete removal of monopiles at the end of life of the windfarms. I am kin to explore how monopiles can be removed completely and consequently return the seabed to its original state. Is this even viable? Is there an impact to the ecological system set up during the life cycle of the wind farm? To what extent? These are questions, I would love to address by considering monopile decommissioning.

Why I applied for the Aura CDT:

I believe the Aura CDT will empower me with the research skill and knowledge necessary to address the latest challenges facing offshore wind industry. furthermore, improve my professional ambition and also prepare me for life in academia.

My research:

Integrated Investigation of Biofouling Impact on Dynamic Subsea Cables and Characterization of Dynamic Cable Motion for Floating Wind Systems at Durham University

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