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Nicholas Wilson

Aura CDT Activities:

I am a Cohort 4 Student Rep on the Aura CDT Student Committee.

I took an active role in organising the Annual Aura CDT Conference, which took place in January 2024. I also chaired sessions at the conference and presented my research.

My PhD research:

Electricity Storage through Electrochemically Compressed Hydrogen at the University of Hull


I graduated from the University of Hull with a MEng in Chemical Engineering in which my design project for my Bachelor’s year looked at the design of a Hydrogen Power Plant that was both environmentally and economically feasible; the process was also simulated in Aspen Plus to determine the ideal conditions required to achieve the project brief. In my final year dissertation I conducted various electrochemical experiments to determine the feasibility of producing green hydrogen as a by-product of aftershave. Finally, I gained experience using AutoCAD during various structural and civil engineering summer placements for John Pryke and Partners and Opel.

Research Interests: 

The main area of research in which I am interested in is the offshore wind farm storage methods and how these can be integrated into the National Grid. More specifically I am interested in how electrochemistry can be utilised to help find a solution for the energy storage during peak times of wind farm power generation which will help in making the sector more economically viable whilst also still being environmentally friendly.

Why you applied for the Aura CDT:

As soon as I was able to understand the impacts humanity was having on the World I have wanted to make a difference to both myself and the planet by contributing to creating a sustainable greener future. When looking into the Aura CDT I found that the mix of both industry and academic experience within the growing offshore wind sector would help me achieve this goal and help me to further understand the requirements of green energy generation. Also the opportunity to conduct my research in a multidisciplinary environment greatly drew me towards the Aura CDT as I believe this would help improve my own research through applying the knowledge of my peers alongside my own.

Contact details:


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