Raveena Singi Reddy

Aura Centre for Doctoral Training

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Cohort 5

Raveena Singi Reddy

Aura CDT Activities:

I am a Cohort 5 Student Rep for the Aura CDT Student Committee.


I hold a master’s degree in Energy and Sustainability, specialising in Energy, Environment, and Buildings. Following my academic journey, I started my career as an intern at the National Institute of Wind Energy in Chennai, India, which ignited my passion for wind energy. This experience led me to join the institute as a Technical Data Associate, where I continued to contribute to the wind resource assessment projects. My career progression eventually took me to Vestas in Chennai, where I assumed the role of a Siting Engineer. With each step, I’ve deepened my expertise in sustainable energy solutions, solidifying my commitment to a greener future.

Research Interests:

My research interests are primarily focused on wind energy. I am captivated by the immense potential this field holds for sustainable energy production. Specifically, I am drawn to offshore wind resource assessment, seeking innovative solutions to enhance efficiency and minimise environmental impact. Furthermore, I find the development of floating wind turbine technology to be fascinating because it offers a promising new avenue for offshore wind energy expansion. Through rigorous analysis and innovative approaches, I am committed to contributing meaningful insights that advance the viability and effectiveness of offshore wind as a key pillar of our renewable energy future.

Why you applied for the Aura CDT:

Collaboration has always been my forte. Recognising the importance of effective teamwork in this program, I am committed to contributing my best. My passion for the offshore wind industry has steered my career trajectory in this direction. I am aware of the immense value this program holds for my professional growth. The prospect of interacting with wind industry advocates and witnessing their impactful work firsthand is an opportunity I eagerly anticipate.

Get in touch:

Email: r.singi-reddy-2022@hull.ac.uk

For an informal discussion, call +44 (0) 1482 463331
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