Energy security vs energy import costs: assessing the role of Offshore Wind Power

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Project Description:

This Research Project is part of the Aura CDT’s Energy Economics¬†Cluster.

In response to escalating concerns about climate change, local air pollution, the fluctuation in fossil fuel prices, energy security challenges, and the potential depletion of fossil fuel resources, governments worldwide have taken proactive measures at various administrative levels. These actions entail the implementation of policies aimed at fortifying the presence of renewable energy sources within their electricity sectors. These supportive policies exhibit diverse structures, with advocates asserting their indispensability in nurturing the development of emerging renewable industries, propelling technological advancements, achieving economies of scale, and fostering competition with well-established sectors.

Among the earliest renewable energy technologies to receive substantial promotion, wind energy stands out due to its maturity and cost-effectiveness relative to other renewable options. As a result, it has emerged as the favoured choice for numerous nations as they embark on their initial endeavours to address climate-related imperatives.

Suitable candidates
Prospect candidates should have or expect to achieve before starting their PhD programme, a MSc. degree in economics, energy economics, environmental science or related fields. Strong analytical, quantitative and interdisciplinary collaboration skills are essential.

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