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Reuben Tinsdeall


My academic background is in Mathematics with a master’s degree from the University of Bristol. My master’s was primarily focused on number theory, from which I gained substantial problem- solving skills, as well as some more applied maths. Throughout the course of my degree there was a large focus on solving both partial and ordinary differential equations. I completed an advanced fluid dynamics course focussed on finding exact mathematical solutions under specific assumptions which should serve as a good springboard for understanding any area of fluid dynamics I might encounter. I have experience programming in C and in Python.


Research Interests:

The research areas which I am currently interested in are quite broad at the moment. They include, but are not necessarily limited to:

–          Wake modelling

–          Composite blade manufacturing

–          Effects of blade degradation on turbine performance

–          Structural health monitoring

–          Effects of offshore wind farms on stratified flows

–          Wind farm de-commissioning


Why you applied for the Aura CDT:

The offshore wind industry is a valuable resource for creating a sustainable future. I want to help tackle the problems which it faces. The Aura CDT was an opportunity for me to gain the skills, knowledge and contacts needed to do so and is an exciting first step towards a career in the offshore wind industry. The option to choose a research project during the first year of study appealed to me because it will allow me to gain a broader perspective of the subject and relevant knowledge to decide where my skills could best be put to use.


My research:

Digital twin output functions for monitoring wind turbines at the University of Sheffield.



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