Will Burton

Aura Centre for Doctoral Training

in Offshore Wind Energy and the Environment

Cohort 3

Will Burton

Background: Having studied Geology and Physical Geography as an undergraduate at the University of Southampton, I have developed a range of skills based around data collection and interpretation of geological structures and sediment cores. I am proficient with ArcGIS, and have good understanding of acoustic impedance and seismic reflection data. I am competent in analysis of soils, microfossil assemblages and geochemical data. Through my mapping project and associated research, which formed the backbone of my dissertation, I formulated my own interpretation of the geological history of the Isle of Kerrera in Scotland.


Research Interests: Whilst I am open to other possibilities, at the moment I am interested in tackling how subsurface or environmental conditions can negatively impact offshore wind turbine installations. Developing a deeper understanding of how differing sediments can exacerbate or mitigate scour in offshore structures could be a rewarding avenue of exploration. Alternatively, I would be interested to investigate the methodology of sedimentary analysis – perhaps by incorporating microfossils to develop a broader picture of the marine environment – to help identify locations for future arrays.  I hope my research can lead to a greater understanding of the offshore environment, making for less disruptive, more effective, and longer lasting wind installations. 


Why you applied for the Aura CDT: The Aura CDT represents an opportunity to contribute in a useful industry that I think is economically and environmentally crucial for our future. The fact that my PhD will be directly tackling an issue at the forefront of the offshore wind industry is both intriguing and inspiring.


Contact: w.f.burton-2021@hull.ac.uk

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/will-burton-6708b115a/

For an informal discussion, call +44 (0) 1482 463331
or contact auracdt@hull.ac.uk