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Zoe Bainbridge


I studied a Master’s degree in Biology in Zoology at Aberystwyth University. During my 4 years in Aberystwyth, I developed a keen interest in anthropogenic impacts on the marine environment, more specifically to the European shore crab (Carcinus maenas). My undergraduate dissertation sparked my interest into the effect of wind farm installation on the seabed as I explored whether vibrations caused by pile driving induced stress, indicated by blood glucose, in shore crabs. 

Research Interests:

Coming from a background in Zoology, my interests surround animals and their behavioural changes to anthropogenic stimuli. This has developed into a passion for benthic species. Since crabs have now been given sentience status, I am interested in exploring deeper into the effects of anthropogenic disturbances on various species. This research is poignant in the development of offshore wind to fully understand long-term and short-term effects on benthic communities.

Why you applied for the Aura CDT:

When I saw the opportunity to work directly in a field that allowed me to continue research into the effects of offshore wind energy/anthropogenic impact on ecosystems, I was compelled to apply. Not only will Aura CDT develop my career but allow me to network alongside like-minded people who share a passion for renewable energy. I am excited to be part of a team striving for the same goal and ultimately tackle climate change together.

Get in touch:

Email: z.r.bainbridge-2022@hull.ac.uk


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