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Soheil Navvabi


I have a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering with a specialisation in Aerodynamics & Aerostructures, which I earned from The University of Sheffield. My professional trajectory has involved tenure as an aerospace researcher in several research institutions since completing my degree. My master’s thesis delved into the design of a scalable and modular morphing wing concept predicated on the utilisation of diminutive morphable tensegrity cells, actuated singularly. This pioneering investigation yielded compelling findings, showcasing enhanced aerodynamic and structural efficiencies across the entire spectrum of flight regimes.

Research Interests:

My research interests centre around the intricate interplay between fluid and structure in the context of aerospace engineering. I am particularly drawn to the dynamics of fluid-structure interaction, seeking to unravel the complexities of how fluids and structures influence each other. Numerical aerodynamics serves as a crucial facet of my work, enabling the computational modelling and simulation of fluid behaviours. Additionally, I am deeply engrossed in the multidisciplinary optimisation of structures, aiming to harness the synergies between various engineering domains to enhance the efficiency of aerospace systems. These research pursuits encapsulate my passion for advancing the frontiers of aerospace technology.

Why you applied for the Aura CDT:

I applied for the Aura CDT due to my deep awareness of the pressing necessity to expand the wind energy sector. With Earth’s rising temperatures and a growing global population, the demand for sustainable electricity sources is escalating. The Aura CDT, at the forefront of offshore wind energy challenges, has forged a diverse community of top talents from various backgrounds to tackle these critical research topics. My own background and research interests align perfectly with these endeavours, making this program the ideal platform to contribute to the sustainable energy solutions our world urgently needs.

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